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Military challenge coin collection: The things you need to know

Military challenge coin collectionWhen somebody asks you what a challenge coin is, you may automatically think about the army, and beer. This is because these coins are popularized by the military as a sign of camaraderie, belongingness, and honor. Today, custom military coins are being collected by a select group of people for various reasons. Some of them want to reminisce each moment where each coin made its mark in history; others collect them because of the sheer beauty of each coin design. No matter the reason behind one’s desire to collect these coins, it’s crucial know the basics of collecting custom military coins.

• What are the features of the coins that you like the most

this is one of the most important factors for someone who wants to start collecting. For example, there’s a coin that looks like a miniature copy of an original military aircraft released by the air force. Getting your hands on one may prove to be a bit tricky. However, if you are really dedicated into completing your collection and you’re willing to do extensive research about the coin you want to get, you will succeed in finding and acquiring the coin that you need.

• Work your way into getting inside a group of challenge coin collectors

while it is effective for you to search for custom military coins alone, you cannot hide the fact that being associated with a group of people who share your passion of collecting challenge coins has its benefits. You could get a lot of information about a coin you want to get by asking around internet forum boards dedicated to challenge coin collectors; minutes after you post your question, knowledge from fellow members will start flowing in. If you fancy a more broader range of challenge coins, NASCAR, NFL and even the Poker World Series has released their own versions of this collectible item, and you can also find these coins being traded online, and the best deals for them can be found if you sniff around those online communities.

• Allocate some of your time to go on a military coin auction

there is an advantage of seeing an item up close when you want to learn more about value, origin, and design. A perfect opportunity to know about those details is by personally attending an auction where custom military coins are the main focus. In this event, you will learn how valuable a certain type of coin is, where it came from, and some other important things about the coin being auctioned. You can also get to know more people who are buying and selling their stashes of challenge coins there, improving your chances of completing your collection.

• Seek further knowledge from an expert in military challenge coins

Professional collectors are valuable sources of various information about custom military coins. They know a lot of stuff about these items that even the most extensive knowledge base on the internet doesn’t have. It is important to seek advice from them before you decide on what kind of coin you want to have, and how much time will it take for you to find it. They can also point you to the best places where you can find the coin you are looking for at the price you can easily afford.
Now that you know what you should do before attempting to have your very own collection of challenge coins, you are finally ready to start looking for the ones you really like to collect. Do not forget why you are investing your time, effort, and money into your collection though – which is to have fun.